Respecting the Job Posting

Can you imagine a time where there was no such thing as a job posting? This was obviously well before the Internet ever existed, and also before job ads started appearing in newspapers.

To get a job, you'd have to either have a connection to someone who had an opening, or do a darn good sales pitch of yourself in a cold meeting and hope that an employer would take you on.

When job ads started appearing in newspapers, it revolutionized the way that people found work. More people, and not just the bold, found meaningful work that utilized their skills, and employers were happy with the larger applicant pools from which they could select the most talented people.

Then the Internet became a thing, and job ads were replaced with a new technological solution.

Wait a minute... that's not true at all! The job ads that we see on the Internet today are largely the same as what we saw in newspapers decades ago. Many things about the work world have changed: working remotely is totally normal in this pandemic-stricken world, and relocation is easier than ever, so local newspapers have been replaced with job aggregators and specialty niche job websites.

But those ads? More or less the same as when they were in newspapers: here's the job, here's what we expect, here's how we get in touch.

Given this staying power of the job ad, Elbower aims to optimizes all facets surrounding the matchmaking process between employer and jobseeker by getting the processes between the employer, job posting and jobseeker down to a science.

Elbower's Mission Statement

Elbower exists to understand and optimize the match-making methodologies between employer and jobseeker by empowering people to be the hubs connecting these two entities. We strive to empower them by providing the best board solution built on the backs of heavy research as well as old-fashioned innovative thinking.

Who's Building Elbower?

Paul S. Chun, Founder & CEO

Paul S. Chun is an American entrepreneur originally from Northern California. Previously, he co-founded competitive intelligence company Rivalfox in Berlin and served as its CTO, and also made major engineering and development contributions for San Francisco-based startups Golden and Heyzap (now a part of Fyber).

He's used job boards extensively to find the right opportunities and challenges, and knows what works and what doesn't as a jobseeker.